The car

Our tiny home for many months: our Landcruiser HZJ 78 (2001). To make sure our Landcruiser Troopy is overland ready, we stripped and rebuild the interior and improved technics. Here you can find a list of the most important changes we’ve made to our car. All other overlanding preparation & tips, you can find on our Overlanding page.


  1. New electricity. The cables were old and a chaos; if something would break we would not know where to start searching. We now have new electricity where we understand all connections, including a new accu and solar panels!
  2. Revised starting engine
  3. Revised dynamo
  4. Second diesel filter
  5. Extra difflock
  6. Improved lights in front and at the back
  7. New tires and rims
  8. Extra lock: the Bearlock
  9. And many more (smaller) adjustments. Want to have more info? Don’t hesitate to contact us!

Exterior & Interior

  1. New Alu- Cab roof with tent . This gives us not only an easy acces to the bed, but also transforms the car into a tiny home because of the height.
  2. We stripped the interior completely and placed isolation, mainly for noice reduction.
  3. We build cabinets for storage incl light spots. We now have a little kitchen area, a small couch, small table and enough storage space.
  4. Four new windows in the back! Explore Glazing helped us with placing 4 windows, which not only creates a light living space, but we can now reach storage space, kitchen and fridge from the outside as well.
  5. We placed a Snomaster fridge with a freezer. We choose for a freezer to be able to have some frozen meat or fish for some days.
  6. Additionally, we placed a small fridge in the middle console between our chairs, for some cold-drinks-to-go.
  7. We build a small kitchen with one gas burner, a small sink and an extractable water pipe/hose which we can use as outside shower as well.
  8. 2 solar panels for electricity. These will give us electricity to charge our fridges, phones, camera, etcetera.
  9. New chairs. The old one were used for many many years so replaced them and now have new steady chairs with a firm fabric which is also comfortable in the heat.
  10. A mattress cover which ensures an improved ‘climate’ underneath the regular mattress
  11. Extra watertank with an outside water point, for i.e. dishes or quickly washing your hands. In total we now have a 50L watertank (shower, dishes, etcetera), a 20L Lifesaver drink water tank and a 10L flexible watertank.
  12. A Sand plate at the side of our car, convertable to an outside table using the Quick Pitch Trax Table.
  13. A Hi-Lift All-cast Jack for the offroad moments we get stuck