Two Dutchies overlanding from Amsterdam to South Africa!

Update March 2020: We paused our travel because of the COVID-19 virus. We decided to fly back from Ethiopia to the Netherlands and pause our travel until the situation is stable again. We’ll let you know once we’re back on the road; we hope to continue our trip as soon as possible. For now: take care of yourself and the people around you ❤

Who? We’re Max & Merle from Amsterdam, Netherlands. In 2019 we started our overlanding trip from Amsterdam to South Africa. On this site – and our instagram– we’ll share updates about our big adventure.

What? We travel overland with our Landcruiser Troopy. She is strong & safe and we’ve made her ready to be our ‘tiny house’ for many months. Click here if you want to find out more about our car.

Where? We started driving from our hometown Amsterdam, and will drive via the Middle East all the way down to Cape town. Curious for details? Check our trip or go directly to our Polarsteps.

Updates. We will share updates and experiences via blogs and photos on this website and via our instagram page.

Insights. Because we found it useful to read other Overlanders’ blogs, we’d like to give back and share our most important insights on our preparation & overlanding page, which might be useful for other (future) overlanders.